Apartments & Residential Communities

Construction Sites

MSG’s professional, well-trained security personnel are perfect for posts that require a lot of client and public interaction. Our security guards are friendly and courteous and will enhance the image of your management and reduce the number of incidents and complaints. Your tenants will feel more secure with our professional security personnel patrolling their community. The residents feel more comfortable with security guard present. MSG recognizes the importance of controlling parking at gated community and multi-Unit apartments. We can provide professional personnel to monitor and manage your limited parking areas. From simple monitoring to active vehicle towing we have the right personnel for your property. Making residents feel well cared for is a goal of our skilled courtesy officers. Our training programs for security officers at residential facilities includes:

  • Customized Security Planning & Reporting
  • Residential Security Basics
  • Effective Patrolling Techniques
  • Customer Service
  • Manners and Etiquette
  • Fire Safety Officer Training
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Evacuation Procedures