Commercial Retail/Shopping Mall Security

Shopping centers and retail stores demand security officers with a wide range of skills – from the sensitivity to deal with lost children to the ability to respond to and effectively address law enforcement incidents. MSG has been confronted with all of these issues and has been providing highly skilled officers to the retail industry for years. There are many benefits of hiring loss prevention officers to help increase the safety of your company. Your bottom line ROI will increase when you’re able to cut out criminal or illegal activity, particularly in the retail, manufacturing, and transportation industries.

Loss prevention agents may be used to blend in with other shoppers or customers to help better identify shoplifters, problems with employees, or other security breaches.

Plain clothes agents may be used to break up employees theft rings in warehouse and retail outlets. The agent can go undercover and identify, report, and stop the security problem. Loss prevention agents may be used to provide an extremely professional look to blend in with a corporate office structure. The officer could wear a suit, and therefore not draw attention to him/her so that security precautions can be taken and be more effective. Loss prevention at office buildings may also be combined with executive protection.